Community asa projects, member integration, input

We're coming up with shitbuckets full of projects, only, we don't know the physical reality of to make them concrete, how to turn ideas into substance..

Here is what we have -

Baking / making-
Peanut Butter Cookies,
Chai Balms,
How do we sell? How easy is it to get a market stall? Can we sell dumpstered stuff? To organic shops? Restaurants? Hotels? Any other ideas?

Workshop space? We find SO much furniture on the streets, and some are near perfect. Heather has done this before in Montreal and just sold them in that workable here?

Creative Communists

While moving the house guidelines from Hitchwiki over here I figured that we forgot something important (well, the license). Since we're all creative communists anyway who all agreed to the terms of use by entering la Casa the central committee has decided to quickly move the license of content on this website to CC-BY-SA. Marc?