Community asa projects, member integration, input

We're coming up with shitbuckets full of projects, only, we don't know the physical reality of to make them concrete, how to turn ideas into substance..

Here is what we have -

Baking / making-
Peanut Butter Cookies,
Chai Balms,
How do we sell? How easy is it to get a market stall? Can we sell dumpstered stuff? To organic shops? Restaurants? Hotels? Any other ideas?

Workshop space? We find SO much furniture on the streets, and some are near perfect. Heather has done this before in Montreal and just sold them in that workable here?

How to make SOAP. How long does it take?

Bicycle repair shop outside? Is that possible? Can we continue it as a weekly venture?
We have so many do we sell them? Can we make projects here at the casa so that people who come here can have jobs for whatever amount of time and feel like they're contributing? INTEGRATION..isn't that the problem with noise, that we need people to come here and work on things as a community rather than personal projects/visiting coffee shops/sightseeing? Couldn't that be what we explain to people who come here?

Ciao ciao,
Jass & Heather


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money, money, money:P

1.) i don't think selling a product will ever be profitable in terms of time, money and such. it's a poor return for your investment. and if it's not, figure it out in a logical way. do a cost-benefit analysis!

2.) workshops: i think workshops can be KEY to success. offer something valuable and people will want to pay, though u can do "suggested donations." the idea, economically, is to keep costs low.

* a jam-making workshop: people bring their own fruit, their own jars, their own sugar and make a donation of money or simply leave their extra supplies behind.

* a writing workshop: short stories, poetry, poetry analysis, etc. or thematic workshops, such as CV's, letters of interest for jobs or technology and language (how to use the internet to maximize language skills).

* a bike repair workshop

* anything u guys can do! making jewelry, making wine, making reusable veggie sacks, making pillows - anything!

3.) private lessons/chug (group lessons): i make a living now off giving lessons in english. i'd be happy to help u guys with resources for this. many people just want to talk to "real americans/anglos" in preparation for interviews, immigration, etc. while others have more pointed goals. but, as i have learned, people will pay pretty decent for this.

4.) dinners: i know u guys love your dinners to be free, so i suggest that at your dinner to pass a hat around. we spoke of this when i was @ the casa and there were mixed feelings on it, but i think it's a great idea and not evil!

5.) put a box for donations. economic contributions aren't evil and people who are doing tourist things aren't bad people. everyone has different things to give at different times, so give those who can only give money more opportunity/motivation to do so...

well, my 2 cents. glad to see u guys are working on this issue. long live the casa!!!

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things i want to do when i get back to istanbul...

i posted a similar sort of thing in a fb group discussion:
things i want to do when i get back to istanbul.

for now, i'll just list a few of my ideas...

- making turkish pastry magnets & other souvenirs that are nicer than the tourist crap in sultanahmet (

- making special organic baked goods to resell at cafés in cihangir, beyoğlu, etc.

- soap, honey, jam, etc.

- designing & silkscreening teeshirts, bags, etc.

- opening a slightly illegalish café/restaurant that serves vokü

other ideas? anyone with info in istanbul on how to get started?

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sell all those books who no

sell all those books who no one eads and take up space to the english used bookstore on kloveniersburgwal 58.

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I agree: INTEGRATION is what makes the difference. Having people committed to participate in specific Casa-projects can be the right way to solve the noise issue. But you still have to be open to shorter term people who wants to come maybe just for 4/7 days.
It seems we all agree on the necessity of transparency and making expectation clear. But how do we explain things to people without taking away the magic of voluntary participation? How can we state things without making rules and forcing new comers to adapt?

To me, one of the best things at Casa is seeing people changing thanks to an inner will. Something clicks apparently without reasons and people start acting rather than asking. Creating vs consuming. It this something we can put into words? How to explain facilitation?

I love your ideas, gimme more!!!

(Home made pizza and home made pasta/gnocchi sold on request. delivered home.

Dogwalking and catsitting networks. collect contacts of people who needs.

Clowning to children's parties: face make up, puppet theatre, juggling. Create a network.


teaching languages in creative ways. create a Casa-method.

repairing bikes at other people's houses. they call you and you go. Bike-doctor- on delivery

Chocolate liquor

Creative postcards (amylin this is your specialty...)

etc etc etc