Community asa projects, member integration, input

We're coming up with shitbuckets full of projects, only, we don't know the physical reality of to make them concrete, how to turn ideas into substance..

Here is what we have -

Baking / making-
Peanut Butter Cookies,
Chai Balms,
How do we sell? How easy is it to get a market stall? Can we sell dumpstered stuff? To organic shops? Restaurants? Hotels? Any other ideas?

Workshop space? We find SO much furniture on the streets, and some are near perfect. Heather has done this before in Montreal and just sold them in that workable here?

Funding opportunities

Opportunities are everywhere, but especially in the Netherlands when it comes down to funding. It would be good to make an overview of funding bodies and opportunities that are related to projects with values we tend to adhere to (such as free software). See below yet another funding body that would love to support us.

Enlightenment on the Balcony

Enlightenment on the Balcony

This one is one of a series of interestingly lit photographs orchestrated by Anu randomly in the Kitchen while we were all in a surreal mood :)

For the World of Tomorrow

We can get 5000 euro for a project if it wins the contest "For the World of Tomorrow". All we have to do is submit an idea and to have people voting for it. Ideas that can be forwarded here are any idea that helps bringing about a more sustainable world.