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One of the Zula walls

A lot of work has been done recently on the website, the style changed, the colors, and some other stuff. Now I am working on the way we handle images, using imagefield and imagecache.


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Ok, good, you've improved!

It looks much better.

You know that site paxus sent us for http://villagesinthesky.wordpress.com/

That site is an example of gorgeousness.
The colour scheme is great. The design is clean and simple.
It's FUN to look at because of this. I love it.

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* less greyness!

* the right side looks sort of too boxy and crowded - a bit more spacious would be nice. And alignment of the box titles could be better (more left margin)

* font could be bigger (and maybe experiment with some other fonts as well?)

* login-area. I almost *always* attempt to press the Facebook login button whilst wanting to just use the normal login - so make the login form submit button more visible, more distinct from the grey background.

As I'm not a graphical designer, I can't really tell you HOW to make it better, just what still feels off to me.

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I feel a bit grey at the

I feel a bit grey at the moment, so keeping that for a little longer. Rest of the suggestions have been done? Let me know.

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This theme is even more awesome than the last, great work!!

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well technically it is still

well technically it is still the same theme, we are just adjusting and tweaking it... we're at 90 procent now I guess... let us know if you run into anything you might dislike!

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check image size

check the image size: sometimes if too big, it goes over the frame.
i.e. http://casarobino.org/2009/09/way-odessa-and-further

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done. thanks! I changed the

done. thanks!

I changed the settings of the older image module, as those were still based on the nitobe theme. but then I found out that our infamous image assist had allowed you to set the size of the image yourself, forcing it to be really oversized. Hope that's not what the US does to you ;)

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wow... great improvements!

wow... great improvements! love the green and white background!

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great work

love the new header!

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wait I know what you like

wait I know what you like about it! the header shows a non-free computer ;)