protest against bad design

Am I the only one who really hates the new skin and finds the website furthermore un-usable because the new skin is so horribly ugly?

Please help. Give an option for something a bit more beautiful & aesthetic. The old skin was glorious. Or Robino's specialized skin that he once had with the brown kinda cardboardish feel.

Help. Please. I need a window to breathe.


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I do support Amylin in her

I do support Amylin in her crusade. I hate this smoke and red collar.

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liberate the illiterate

oh, it's back already. thanks

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whats a mac?

whats a mac?

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Broke our mirrors

Hey, what do you have against people with a poor aesthetic taste?
Actually, I immediately decided to join the Casa events after I saw this amazingly ugly website (and I've never seen the previous skin)!

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No need for this...

I think that you are the only one who thinks that this is such a big deal. And have you considered the fact that perhaps someone designed this skin, and maybe does not appreciate you calling it 'horribly ugly'? How about some more constructive criticism?

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1. the old design was way better. there should be an option for both, at least.
2. valentina agrees.
3. if i don't say something that sounds harsh & drastic, the programmers won't take it seriously. nothing will change. why did it change in the first place?

ok, more constructively. to give an idea....

from a design perspective,
on the new skin:

1. the bar (coloum) on the right side with hosts and stuff looks good! :)

1. the font setting is too small to read. it hurts the eyes.
2. the smoke at the top is.. unnecessary. the changing banners we had before were more relevant and welcoming.
3. what's with the red collar logo? suddenly we're "workers"? and dark red and dark blue don't mix well in this case, either, which brings to colour scheme....
4. the old skin had a clean & fresh warm feel. the new skin is based in cold tones that are heavy and clunky. from 90s webdesign. it feels out-dated instead of simple and modern.
5. the " quotes icon when you comment seems redundant and unneeded. plus it doesn't "fit" the feeling of the top bar.

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Of course we are all right...
The website might have lost all honest taste for aesthetic, not that I would know anything about this? However I find it more user-freindly and mode inviting to flick through.

I envy your website compared to ours, it seems like your flying a neat little jet; while the PV site looks more like a big ugly and bulky Hercules transporter...


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oh wait, i get it: this is your way of trying to scare off freeloaders from visiting the casa?

no, it's not working. this will only attract people with poor aesthetic taste.

the new skin is not better than the old skin.

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the thing is that there are

the thing is that there are two skins working at the moment. One that is really pretty and amazingly beautiful and one that is really ugly. The ugly one is rendered automatically for people who look at the website with a Mac ;)


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damn you and your impeccable

damn you and your impeccable sense of humor!!!! :)

i'll try to find someone here who doesn't use mac and test the theory. i'm curious.

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mmm, am just looking for the

mmm, am just looking for the first time at this site trough an anti-freedom computer (it runs windows), and oef, it really does look bad :)

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smoke gets in your eyes

I agree with Amylins critique, except that I looove small fonts.
But also her OP showed a bit too clearly that she's really offended by the way the Casa website looks now ;)
Anyway, it'd be great if someone could repair the old skin and provide it as alternative.
Live is about choices, right? :)