New nomad base in France (Lyon): Casa bonita

I was delaying the post to the time I had a functional community website. It is now the case so here it goes:

To those of you that didn't know, there is a nomad base in Lyon at Julien and Elsy's place. It is quite different from CasaRobino due to various factors, but hopefully you'll feel right at home if you come.

After much debate, we called it "Casa Bonita" that has quite some cultural significance to us that outbalance the fact that all the non-hyphenated domains for it were taken and it sounds just too much like "CasaRobino".


If you can't access it, its probably because some stupid iPhone owner pulled the plug on the server. We're brainstorming solution for that.

PS: We're celebrating the launch with Tau and Sandra tonight. And Claude and Raluca and Kristi and two other that I forgot the name of.


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a world of Casa's

i love the name
it is big
and the implications are even bigger
what as been done at Casa Robino is wonderful
and there needs to be a lot more of it

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Syncing profiles

I was wondering if there wouldn't be a way of synchronizing profiles between two drupal websites.

I was thinking of having profiles synced between nomadbases, but actually we could also sync with, and anything else we set up in the future. Like our own little openID.

Or is it doable with existing openID?

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Casa X

Beautiful job on the website. This is the first I've heard of the name, and I think it deserves some commentary.

For the past year and a half I've wrestled with the idea of naming new nomadbases "Casas".

On the one hand, the term "casa" is currently used quite synonymously with "casa robino". People refer to "the casa" or just "casa", and there's quite a bit of momentum behind that. There's a concern that it might be confusing, or that it might imply that this new place is just a "cheap knockoff" of casa robino.

On the other hand, "Casa X" makes a great deal of sense as a naming convention. It sounds beautiful and unforced, and rolls off the tongue in a wonderful way. More importantly, I think it signifies that the ideas of casa robino have moved beyond robino and bos en lommer. "Casa Family" is now something bigger, and I think it's fitting that a new hub for casa people be called "Casa X".

Casa" is the family name, signifying the community from which it comes, and "X" is the given name, signifying individuality and differences from the group.

My next big life project (which I'll begin in about 10 months) is to start a nomadbase somewhere (probably south america, but who knows). I'd been pondering whether I felt it was appropriate to move forward unilaterally on this type of naming, but now it looks like I don't have to.

So thanks, Julien. This is huge.