Postal Book Project

Howdy Folks,

So, Charlie and I have begun a new project - one that has been on the radar a while but that is finally getting set down.

We are writing a book about Post.

As you probably know, we LOVE letters. We love writing them, receiving them, and everything about them. So - we are writing a book about postal systems around the world. Letters, Stamps, Post Offices, all that stuff. One of the parts of the book is a little trial, to test the quality of International Postal Systems. We want to know how reliable the post offices are in places like Mongolia, Indonesia, or Pakistan.

We are sending out 10 letters to one person, one ‘representative’ in each country, to find out how many of the 10 arrive, and how long they take. But of course, we need someone to send them to!

SO - i went ahead and called the Casa our "netherlands representative" and have already mailed off the first 3 letters. It was sort of presumtuous of me i know, but I figured you'd want to help :)

So now i'm asking you to email ([email protected]) me if any of the letters appear, and to let me know what day they arrived.

Can you do that for us, dear Casa?

LOVE YOU, MISS YOU, as always :)

In tea and letters,

Lily and Charlie


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hey robin, yeah, Guisepi got

hey robin,

yeah, Guisepi got those stamps made for us. swwwwwwwweet huh!?

The main thing i think we would love for the lightfoot website, is graphics. There are none on there, and i dont think i can upload any? We could make it much prettier then :)


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oh yeah this is so cool!

oh yeah this is so cool!

We received the letter last week Tuesday, on the 15th of Feb. I didn't reply to it yet because I wrote you a letter instead! I guess it hasn't arrived yet...

Oh and what an amazing new logo you created. That stamp is just to wonderful. You got a digital version of it ready?

Also remind me of the things you want to have done on the lightfoot website. I can maybe get my head around it one of these days. Maybe it is the best thing to open a new topic on its forum with feature-requests...