Lightfoot Deliveries

Cycling around paris, one corner to the other, Charlie and I had important business to take care of... a lightfoot letter each in need of delivery.
Both Lukas' words and Mattieu's delightful little box of matches found their rightful owners, but we're still relunctant to call it a complete success...

No petrol was used in the spreading of news and we had fun finding the right address... but neither of us were able to personal meet the recipient. The first was a big gated parisien apartment building, with a fancy foyer and a secretary taking messages. Remi wasn't home (we discovered after calling her mobile) so the note was left at the front desk.

The second letter was for a girls domitory on the other side of town... and after asking several times if there was a way to see the woman in room 421 in person, i was told to just leave it in the little pigeon hole where she will find it.

So... letters delivered, but no connections or communities joined this time. I guess that's just Paris and big cities for you. Next time! x