Setting up a food-coop

Somehow many conversation here in Casa Robino lead to local currencies and food cooperatives. So when we were discussing [ local money] and food coops in Madison, [ Louisa] (18 yr old, Australia) asked: "what is a food cooperative?".

Just started ''another'' wiki, [ Drupalwiki]. I often find myself wading through tons of pages to find an answer to a Drupal question, and when I found it I don't know where I should record the info or how I can even update the thing. MediaWiki is still vastly superior to Drupal when it comes to wikis - especially when open for anonymous editing.

CasaLeipzig !?!

Interested in developing intentional communities in beautiful old houses which are being disposed for free in exchange of some care? ... get in touch with Dante

If you want to build a Wind Turbine

Dear Casa Robino.
May the wind be beneath your wings - all the wings you can make out of old bike rims and haywire.

If you would like to build a Wind Turbine, this is a fabulous hitch-out spot to start from:

Healthywiki kick off

I just spent 10 minutes setting up Healthywiki. You're the first to know I guess.

OpenID is working and I started a wee script that will make it easier to set up the next wiki.

P.S. Dennis: try So far I've been very happy with them.

Amsterdam goes green

Some of us went to see a presentation on permaculture yesterday, which was organised by the SWOMP-people. We had a good time hearing about the 12 principles of permaculture - and after a video sharing ideas and inspiration with some of the people around.

Setting up a massage network

At least one idea a day shouldn't be that hard if there is more than one person around, so when Amylin came back from giving Thai Massage (see her ad), we came up with the idea of setting up a network for traveling massage-therapists and to connect these with a kind of fixed customer base. It could even go further than just one locality, and even further than just one skill but massage-therapy in Amsterdam seems to be a viable way for starting off.

Urban farming

Urban farming

City in England growing their own veggies, spotted on casa field trip in snow to nearby ex-squat cafe.

Appreciation Portfolio

Many barter and commerce systems have wish lists and offer lists for their members. I think there is something important missing from this configuration, appreciation portfolio.

An appreciation portfolio is a window into the identity of the person who authors it. It is an effort to show how to send appreciation to someone. Typically, for things they have done that they are not seeking compensation for.

A Work of Art

A Work of Art

A work of art by Amilyn that is currently hanging in the casa living room.