789 - I wanna hitch with Frankenstein

Slogans are important sometimes. They give a face, something recognizable and catchy to create a nice connecting element. So when we were in Paris for the European Hitchhiking Day/ Week/ Whatever at "8/8/8/ Paris wants you for a nomadic date", thinking about the next slogan for 7/8/9., all we came up with was, "789 the road is mine". Obviously that slogan will never hold. Now, 3 months later we finally sat down for a full-on brainstorm. Here are the results:

Rooftop gardening

Rooftop gardening

We had some nice progress on the rooftop gardening project this week. Derick has been gathering woods for over a week now, and started constructing three dirt-boxes on our rooftop. While Anu got some useful books from the library today about urban-gardening and wind-mills, Derick finished the third box today. They are looking very awesome, and it seems that we are again one next step further in this project! And as a nice surprise we rescued four smaller boxes from the trash. Soon we'll be eating our own food.

For the World of Tomorrow

We can get 5000 euro for a project if it wins the contest "For the World of Tomorrow". All we have to do is submit an idea and to have people voting for it. Ideas that can be forwarded here are any idea that helps bringing about a more sustainable world.

Visawiki and Sharewiki

Probably after reading the stream of info I started sending out through Robin got slightly too excited, but in the end I managed to set up both and today.

I'm actually trying to squeeze them into one MediaWiki directory together with Cashwiki and Trashwiki. I still need to figure out a couple of tech things (e.g. sharing extensions and different image directories).

Hitch to Trash and vice versa

Sometimes ideas are just to obvious to not happen. Trashwiki was created in the week that Hitchwiki reached 1000 articles (in its English language version). This week Trashwiki reached 100 articles and today we set up convenient links from Trashwiki to Hitchwiki and vice versa.

Bewelcome press-stuff done!

After the tsolife-page on Bevolunteer, I finally managed to get around creating the press-page for BeWelcome. Still some stuff to do here, but it is there at last :) I also re-opened the debate on the accessibility of the wiki, let's see how quick we can unlock it. Next thing is to work on a proposal for an alternative CS-ambassador-system.

Greetings to casa!

After that somehow complicated trip from Braunschweig to here I really enjoyed that warm welcome on Wednesday 8 pm!

The scene was great. People sitting on the carpet around an unlegged table sharing fine food and entertaining stories in candle light and smooth music. After four days beeing here I really can say - this all day life here. Thanks to all of you!

Drupal / Tech Cooperatives

One of the ideas that we share among regular visitors and friends is to create a network/ a pool/ a cooperative of persons who want to be involved in web-development and creating websites for projects that we believe in, both commercial projects (income generating) and non-profit projects (non-income generating), in order to free time & resources for people to commit themselves to certain projects while maintaining a sustainable base of income for all the people involved. Many different models could be applied here and quite some of discussions and brainstorming has to be done yet.

we want skillsurfers!

The traveling school of life is a network of travelers sharing their skills. It is as such a real social network. We just created an entry on their wiki for this house, where we list some of the ideas and projects we are working on, and what type of skill-surfers are needed here. But there is more.

Five minutes of Bambi

i'm am writing to the guy who owns the dormant domain name (he also owns .net and .org). We want to steal his idea.

The first two "open source" social solutions to be listed there are: