lightning strikes the postman :)
What about a map with post boxes on city level (like on hitchwiki... :) and some more structured information?
I have no time for that in the foreseeable future.. :/ Anyone else?

Unorganising continues: nomadbase conference Berlin

Preparations are ongoing for the nomad conference in Berlin. We currently have many platforms to communicate with each other though: I guess we like to confuse people... ;)

Work is currently being done on organising spaces in Berlin, coordinating people and ideas, website development and some other small things.

Check for the latest the wiki that we are using (for the moment) as a central place to bring together information. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share. Also, be aware of the new mailing list we have.

Getting along just fine! A project for the casa!

Well everyone at the Casa,

we are getting there...

random roads screenshotrandom roads screenshot

We are getting there. It took a loooong time (over a year now) but I am almost ready with the final set-up of the website, which includes a workflow tool that Marc designed. Great stuff.

A day or two to go before the initial launch.

she conference berlin on nomadism

Last year we had a conference in the Casa about sustainable hospitality exchange (SHE). This was before this website existed. You can find many traces of this gathering all over the house, like the she-mindmap in the kitchen, the four open space principles near the entrance and some other sayings on the wall in the Zula, in addition to some stuff online: The thing you can notice in the casa the most though, is the way we host and how we resolved the traditionally unequal relationship between hosts and guests, which you come across in 85-99% of the cases you do 'couchsurfing'.

Staying over in Berlin for ten days and meeting people who share the intention of creating, or helping sustaining similar places like casarobino, made me think (again) to do yet another SHE conference.

Coitus interruptus

They thaught us how to make bread, and just when we were ready to do our own pasta madre tripping performance live with an audience, they had to leave again, just before the real fun was starting. "Coitus interruptus" they called it.

We were at Damoclash, an Amsterdam based free culture festival (with pizza's for 7 euro) and we were about to give away 15 kilo of bread, but who was gonna make all that bread?

Postcards for the casa

We want to create postcards for the casa.
Anyone of you which come with an idea, post your creation right here in the website and we will print it.

Free the Books: Open Library this Friday

It has been suggested multiple times, so it actually becomes time that we organise an open library day. We have over 30 books that we already share among people that pass by the house, but this pile has grown so much lately that we don't have enough bookshelves anymore!

For this friday (which also happens to be my birthday - sweeet!) we'll have an open casa-day, especially for people who want a new book while traveling, who want to swap their book or who want to bring home-made cookies :)


As (unfortunately) I don't think I'll be back in Europe for the next year or so (at least...unknown horizons await!), I've been connecting with the American trainriders scene. A group of enterprising hobos/punks/riders/kind souls has been putting together a set of waystations around the US. It's still in it's starting stages, getting things organized and set, but if anyone out there is bumming around the States and needs a somewhat organized place to crash, drop me a line or check out the "Waystations" thread on SquatThePlanet.

Lightfoot Sustainable Post sweeping the globe

Lightfoot in AmsterdamLightfoot in Amsterdam Lightfoot is about writing letters.
Real letters. Not a complex pattern of zeros and ones, transmitted via dubious technology of uncertain consequences, but real paper, written in your personal hand, carrying your scent and trace oils from your fingertips, your creativity, and your unique, one-of-a-kind style. There's something pure that inspires trust when a handwritten letter is delivered; a personal touch that strengthens your community, however far away they may be, in a way that the internet simply could never do.