Rooftop gardening

Why not use the space we have in and around the house for a nice garden? Soil-less gardens apparently can be very nice to grow our own food. We can use the rooftop and the balcony. What about a beanpipe, a pvc-garden on the roof, a small portable greenhouse, and so many other techniques we can use? (Search)

When you are all whatever, it will all click together

You shouldn't think too much about how hard something might be, you should just go on the road and find your way. Just believe it can be done and you will see it will happen.

I met Reese in Paris during the 888 hitchhiking event, and a week later he visited Amsterdam. When he called I picked him up from a spot where he was dropped by his driver, while hitchhiking from the Dutch Lowlands-festival. The funny thing is that Reese is a no-budget traveler. When he came he was broke. Well, almost, as he was just given 20 euros by his driver.

While other visitors were sitting in the room, we did an interview with Reese for the Random Roads Magazine. There is still some editing to be done there, but the result is quite nice I must say.

Mindmapping SHE

At the SHE-meeting here in Amsterdam some months back, we had an empty piece of paper with written at the top 'ideas-page'. In the end Dante and I used that sheet of paper for a brain-dump. Now I finally managed to write those keywords down in clear sentences.

Really funny to see also Veit in action by the way. The profit he makes through HC must be dropping. Maybe we should let him know his donation-box is still here in the house?

The Creation

The house needed a permanent place online to store its inputs and outputs, feedback and creativity in a format accessible for the hackers-artists-storytellers-nomads-in-residence gone and to come. So here it is, share (yes, you can also post without registering) and enjoy! Ah, and if you create an account, your passsword e-mail is considered spam by most e-mail-hosts!