Random Roads News

Random Roads News

Thanks to more than 20 contributors, a lot of great content has recently been added to the Random Roads Magazine, and a lot more is yet to come. And, what's more: Soon, all this great content will be available in a yet to be released printed edition, that will end up hitchhiking across many different places.

In the past months, we changed a great deal of how the Random Roads website looks like (with help of Marc and Anu), and with help from for example Jass and Lindsey we have proofread and edited a lot of great articles, to deliver good quality content on hitchhiking, nomadic life and other forms of "free fall traveling".

Now we also have started making a pre-release ready, which is mostly Marks (who was here in the casa like ages ago, before we even called it "casa") effort.

If you have still content to submit (a postcard, an article, other art), take your time, but don't wait for too long :)

And as soon as we have more news out, you will be the first to know :)