dumpster diving

thursday night dinner in istanbul

A few weeks before ever coming to Istanbul, I got a random e-mail from Mert there, who told me he had seen me dancing in Lily's dumpster-dive documentary, Skipping Waste.

freegan dinner istanbul

Our new oven and Giorgio's hair

Birthday's. Days you are supposed to bring presents and presence isn't enough. It was Giorgio's birthday yesterday but it was Sunday - shopping for a present wasn't possible. But why would we?

dumpstered recipes

One of the great things about Dumpster Diving is that you never know beforehand what you will be cooking. So when I went to the market today, just before closing time, I was in fact very happy to find some aubergines (eggplant), tomatoes and red peppers (paprika). As usual the vendors at Ten Kate markt were very nice and allowed me to dive into their dumpsters at the same time as they were filling them. But I didn't expect the results of my cooking, it was so nice that even Rene was highly impressed :D

What I made:

Skipping Waste Torrent

Dont you just love how much the casa connects? A fellow casaite has posted up skipping waste as a torrent for all to download to their hearts content.

Voila the link: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4796436

Big thanks to Sebastian! Will put it on the trashwiki site too. Thanks! x

open dinner as usual

"I went to the Albert Cuyp today", I said to Kasper when he came by today. "Ah really?", he answered, "so did I, but there was nothing to be found", he continued. I showed him the food in the kitchen, and said: "I guess you arrived just after I did".

Skipping in Spain

One of the nice features of our website for me is the friendfeed, which aggregates posts from friends of the house (mostly ex-hosts) who have websites. It is one of my favorite things to read, to see what's up with who and when. And sometimes it actually gets more than that. Take Lena's recent post for example, where she writes about the freedom of the streets and how the Spanish state is cramping on Dumpster Divers.

Skipping Waste Documentary

Its up its up its up! Skipping waste is officialy ONLINE! Hoorah. Big thanks to mathieu and Kasper for helping me on this when my head was ready to explode. See for more info: skippingwaste.trashwiki.org


yeow! x lily

Film screening TOMORROW

Yo kids, so the film is pretty much finished... tomorrow night is definitely going to be happening. Anyone who wants to come along is welcome of course... it will be at my place at 'the couch' in leiden. My dutch number is 0611279203 so send me a text/call and ill work out how to find you/give you the address. Its right near central station so no hassles.

Cheers and hope to see some of you there! woot! x lil

Dumpster Film Screening 28th Feb

So... if i ever manage to leave the casa again, Ill be heading back to Leiden to finish my editing and get this show on the road. The 28th FEB, (SAT) will hopefully be the climactic event, screening at my place 'the couch' in central Leiden.

Come laugh at yourself singing and giggling 'dumpster dive, dumpster dive, come on take a dumpster dive with meeeeeeeeee'.

x lil

dear dumpster fairy

I've just moved to a place to be called home, and whereas basic furniture is there, I'm missing things to make it feel like a home. Here's a little wish list for the dumpster fairy (and hopefully her little helpers over at the casa ;)

* kitchenware: pan, pot, tray, oven mittens, glasses, mugs, plates, knives and so on
* lights: standalone lamps for ambiance, lamps you can attach on shelves etc, desk lights, reading lights
* zula creation: mattress, blankets (!!!), (just some more) pillows, some nice fabrics