dumpster diving

Eat Moldy Foods!

I thought there was mold on my mushrooms (can mold even grow on a fungus?), so I asked google.

It said, "http://www.fsis.usda.gov/FactSheets/Molds_On_Food/"

Thoroughly impressed that the US Government had recommendations about which foods are OK to eat, even if they are moldy, I said "whoa! The Casa needs to know about this for dumpster-diving!" ^ So if you care about dumpsterdam, check it out ^

Then I realized that the slippery American feds still hadn't resolved my fungus dilema... So I asked the Canadians.

A sense for dumpsters

A night at the east side casa. Dear lord, our last bunch of green beans..no..wait..we'll find others later..but Robin's super spicy reactionary concoction again dissipates our 16th or 70th box of beans from the skip plunging from the week previous. Buckets of tea.
Miss Brown has no brakes, turning out onto the main road. A bakery to the left.
Miss Brown doesn't stop.
Swing out to a skid.
I spotted it on the way here.
Come come come!
A skip full of bread. Turkish flat bread! Bread bread bread!
A bicycle basket full of bread!

Australian trash

Greetings from Melbourne.
I’m staying at an amazing little squat and the kidz here are very much into dumpster diving.
We went out for multiple diving yesterday and I thought it’s an interesting piece of info to share (I also told them about trashwiki and maybe they can pour some relevant information in).
First dumpster diving was the market. Very similar to Amsterdam – tons of fruit and veg.
Second diving was in a bakery, baguettes, loafs of bread.
Final diving was at the big supermarket chains, we stopped by several of them and this was the most interesting one.

dumpster diving bass song

Being a contrabassist and a dumpsterdiver, I had to share this.

organic farmers' market at the Noorderkerk in de Jordann - Saturdays


what about organic dumpsterdiving...?
there's a market in the Jordann area near the Noorderkerk every Saturday, together with a flea market and also a regular market a bit further on Lindengracht!


On Mondays there's also a textile goods + flea market in the same area.

36 people on Thursday!

As i looked around the room for one final head count i was filled with a sense of wonder as i realised the total had reached a record breaking 36 people. Not only had we managed to squeeze that amount of people into a two bedroom apartment but we had also managed to feed all of them from the dumpster. As the food we had spent all day preparing quickly disappeared and the satisfied smile of those who have been well fed crossed everyone's mouths i thought how incredible it is to live here and be around so many good people.


Yesterday I left my boots in the Casa, realizing I'm no longer going to use them enough to justify carrying them around (anyone who is size 41 and interested in non-leather, water resistant hiking boots is welcomed to grab them, I can provide description or photo to make it easier to find. Else I might claim them some day in the far future).
It got me thinking about the free shop / giveaways / stuff left behind at the casa.

Music festivals for free -or- festival dumpsterdiving

I recently came back from Reading festival where I "volunteered".
I noticed Shaun wrote something similar a little while back and thought I'd provide another, more legal and quite interesting option. I think some people here can find this info useful.
The details I'm mentioning here are specific for Reading but applies to most of the big festivals in England and possibly in other countries as well.
Lots of festivals allow some sort of volunteering.

Living With Zero Money, Abundantly

(From Living without Money)

I know it is possible to live with zero money, abundantly

How? Because it's happening to me, just as it's happening to ants and deer and slugs and sparrows and bacteria and atoms and galaxies. Because it's happening to the whole, infinite universe outside our teeny tiny itty bitty Babylon we call civilization (which we think is the whole universe).

office dumpster diving

Today we found out that offices actually are good for one thing: dumpster diving. The stock exchange markets have been crashing lately so Jaap invited us over to his ofice to take whatever we want. What we got: one flat screen, 5 packs of A4 paper, 4 big glasses, 2 very long networkcables, 1 switch, tea (cinnamon), 2 powerbars, several extension cables, 4 beers, handsoap and... onions. Monday we can come back, possibly. Thanks Jaap!