casa catering crashes wedding party at ot-301

We don't just cook Thursday night dinners and Christmas Eve dinners and late afternoon brunches and Pancake Sundays, apparently, we also cater for wedding parties when the opportunity arises.

And so, yesterday, Heather, Robin, & I spent some quality time in the spacious De Peper kitchen at OT-301 catering for the wedding party of Cris & Juana: a vegan feast of kısır, yoğurt çorbası, dolma, savory baked pumpkin, and chocolate-mocha cake to die for. The party also coincided with OT-301's 10 year anniversary, as well as local "no borders no nations" initiatives by supporting groups.

A sense for dumpsters

A night at the east side casa. Dear lord, our last bunch of green beans..no..wait..we'll find others later..but Robin's super spicy reactionary concoction again dissipates our 16th or 70th box of beans from the skip plunging from the week previous. Buckets of tea.
Miss Brown has no brakes, turning out onto the main road. A bakery to the left.
Miss Brown doesn't stop.
Swing out to a skid.
I spotted it on the way here.
Come come come!
A skip full of bread. Turkish flat bread! Bread bread bread!
A bicycle basket full of bread!