Living With Zero Money, Abundantly

(From Living without Money)

I know it is possible to live with zero money, abundantly

How? Because it's happening to me, just as it's happening to ants and deer and slugs and sparrows and bacteria and atoms and galaxies. Because it's happening to the whole, infinite universe outside our teeny tiny itty bitty Babylon we call civilization (which we think is the whole universe).

I've been living without a cent to my name since the autumn of 2000 (with a month's exception during my first year). I don't use or accept money or conscious barter, and I don't take food stamps or other government dole.

(And, after 8 years, to my joy, I've learned there are other people in the world doing the same.)

Why? I simply got tired of acknowledging as real this most common world-wide belief called money! I simply got tired of being unreal. Money is one of those intriguing things that becomes real because you believe it is real.

Wild Nature, outside civilization, runs on gift economy: "freely give, freely receive." Thus it is balanced. World civilization runs on consciousness of credit and debt (knowledge of good & evil); thus it is imbalanced. What nation on earth can even balance its own budget or environment? Gift Economy is Faith, Grace, Love - the message at the heart of every religion, though rejected by virtually every religious institution. The proof is inside you: Wild Nature is your True Nature, crucified by commercial civilization.



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is it me, or is this guy on the religious track?
he uses the word faith and god just a hunderd times too many... but maybe he just uses it because it is generally accepted over in the States, as I have seen it in Canada, where you might want to describe yourself as an agnost rather than an atheist.

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Living without money, fine.

Living without money, fine. However, unfortunately the author hasn't deemed it possible to create a design that avoids headaches.

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this guy did even better

unfortunately, the report is in dutch... its about a fugitive who lived as a caveman for 16 years...