Oil and Water

Greetings, Casa people.
I wanted to write something short about going back to Israel through Egypt, but then it kept getting longer. It may feel shorter if read fast…

It's night and I'm somewhere in the desert outside of a small town in Sinai.
I fell asleep during the bus ride and woke up in its last stop, not sure where I am at and why I haven’t been waken up earlier at a check point (the previous 100km ride evolved 3 police check points). I've been averaging about 2 hours of sleep per night for the past 3 nights, I guess I got tired.

The bloodclots will get you in the end, II

To all who have passed through casa, or will do, or have ideas,

This is a follow-up to this

Listen, I appreciate so much the inspiration and ideas of others when it comes to this. I've been travelling and moving too long and need to settle down for a while. I need an apartment to share with another, and space enough to invite friends and strangers into our place.
I believe I need money for this. As absurd as the concept is for paying for a little box of space. I need this space.
And I have no skills but for my writing.

Life happens when you make no plans

The spaceship called Terra Mar that took us allowed me some time to connect to the internet, while Valentina is having her second lesson in surfing waves.

So I made it to 'Somewhere in Portugal' on the 6th of August, at exactly the right time. But life took me by surprise and my somewhere was somewhere else than the official 6-8-10 hitchgathering. There wasn't anything I could have done about that. Things are the way they are.

My driver's heart stopped. We are both fine.

I hitched several modes of transport during my time in Croatia: a rusty tractor, a Tito era car without numberplates, a Cadillac with NYC number plates, a leather seat Mercedes, a little fishing boat, a couple of scooters and an old tourist ship.

Introducing: Colorado (chocolate factory dumpster diving, armed drug dealers, strange encounters and the unlikely)

The time: mid April, I’m hitching from Texas to Chicago to meet my Czech friend, Roman. We’ll be hitchhiking together through the Midwest to the west coast, San Francisco to be specific, where we’ll split.

A week later.
Morning, Roman and I are trying to get to Colorado. We’ve spent last night camping under a bridge, in a small town in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming. Now we’re trying to get the hell out of there.

Norton's Ghost: A novel about hitchhiking

Expect this novel Norton's Ghost in our mailbox any time soon, as the author Ron Canepa will send us a free copy for a review on Random Roads. But... you can also get a free digital copy (to read or to listen) of the book here as he released the book under a creative commons license!

Road Junky Film Festival

We finished this flyer yesterday and here it is for you to see first. This is not a way of promotion, I felt happy of how much content we managed to fit in 2 days and much could be of your interest :)
If it all works out we will be streamming the whole event online.

I have already ordered the prints for the photo exhibition and I'm praying to all gods I know for them to arrive on time to Berlin.

All of you who plan to come, I'm looking forward to see you.
My little secret is that, for me, the less ppl coming to the festival, be less work I will have :)

The day after the Casa...

So some of you might be wondering what happened next.... Where did these people disappear? What did they find? Or not.... But in any case, this is the story of what happened to Jesus and Anja after the casa...

Anja took a very uncomfortable bus ride to Berlin, where she slept and woke up next morning to leave Berlin again for a small town nearby for the weekend. She started feeling ill and has now returned to Berlin, still feeling ill...

Sailing away from the western society: Lorelei's story

In my previous life, I never thought I would end up on the seas. Possibly I would not have ended, if I hadn't refused to go on with my worker life in this efficient western society. However, a lot of things came together. It all started with my habit of visiting the sea shore at my home city, Oulu, Finland. Spending time gazing endlessly at the horizon, I was hoping to see land on the other side - were it Sweden or any other country, I didn't care. I knew, deep inside me, that I had to leave, to find out other worlds, find out my own stuff.

Do you travel with a sleeping bag?