Life happens when you make no plans

The spaceship called Terra Mar that took us allowed me some time to connect to the internet, while Valentina is having her second lesson in surfing waves.

So I made it to 'Somewhere in Portugal' on the 6th of August, at exactly the right time. But life took me by surprise and my somewhere was somewhere else than the official 6-8-10 hitchgathering. There wasn't anything I could have done about that. Things are the way they are.

Ever since, I continued to travel slowly: no highways and no petrol-stations. I am slowly making my way to Sines, following the routes drivers and 'random' people give us.

Currently also traveling with Valentina. We are both doing very well. We reached 'the end of the world', we have been adopted several times by different people while hitching in the most comfortable and relaxing ways possible, or walking in the woods up and down the mountains. And the food we have been given by people and restaurants in the past weeks has been amazing.

There is much to share, but I can't find the words yet to describe the events that we have been going through. I hope you are all well and am looking forward to see you all again.


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sending lots of love to you

sending lots of love to you both.

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Valentina is thinking of you

Valentina is thinking of you all intensely. Life is teaching her magic, putting her in front of mirrors of her possible self.

Living in the moment as much as we can, we are supporting each other in the search and in the silence. We are good: nothing to be worried. Everything we need come to us.

Sometimes I feel I am in a scavenger hunt started that day in Amsterdam, when we were celebrating my birthday going back to childhood.

Maybe because those pictures went "lost", maybe because by looking at life as a game full of tresures we learn how to appreciate and laught about little things. You knows what is happening... whatevers is it, it is beautiful and I am enjoying.

I don't know what will come next and I don't really care of where the road will bring me. I know, I will see you all again, and I smile while I imagine that moment.

Love you.

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we looove you, Robin and Valentina

'nuff said. sending you much squishey bouncey hugs. you are quite awesome.
sails up!

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though I have limited

though I have limited experience, I loved the travelling slow in Poland & Hungary. going rural seemed so much better to get to know the place, your travelpartner and yourself.
just standing on some random road, without a sign, just the thumb.
see you when I see you...

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Keep travelling slow, you

Keep travelling slow, you attract the slow people this way, the most interesting people on earth. I miss you, man.