Bibi on the Road

Yo. That was fun. Baby's on the road. Coming for a visit. Great playing. Not even fighting. There were enough cars to play with :-)

Read the story and more bibi adverntures on the road at http://bibiontheroad.net/

Trust roots

Hospitality exchange community for hitchhikers and other travellers.


Hitchhikers heading out of Amsterdam,

Hitchhikers heading out of Amsterdam,

by Rory Midhani,


HItchgathering - maybe we can still make it!

For me it is definitely a no-go as I am at home waiting for a person whose doors are inside, but this year it is again time for a European Hitchgathering. The tradition stays in place as this one is already our fifth, and again in another corner of the continent, Lithuania.

Fore more info, head to the website http://hitchgathering.org and stick up your thumb.


dear fatih akin, on behalf of female hitchhikers: thank you for showing us as we are ---

strong, daring, assertive, emotional, patient, crafty, perceptive, resourceful, and still "real".

i love these stereotypes.


hey guys, how can I join you? I'm going to hitchhike through Latvia, Poland, Czech, Germany and Netherlands. Is it possible to stay in Casa for a some days before my way back?

Hitchgathering 2011 Artwork

Only 36 days away... Who knows if I make it this year. I am sure it's gonna be a great festival!

And the one in North-America is due even sooner... in a couple of weeks.

Artwork is by artymori

Academy of Free Travel

The Academy of Free Travel (AFT) sounds vaguely Casa-esque, but more temporary and exclusively for hitchhikers. Apparently they have set up hitchhiker houses (in the past) in 3 Russian cities, Kyrgistan, Tajikistan, and Egypt. I hear the next one is to be in Tbilisi, Georgia. An English AFT page is here, with links to other pages in Russian, and a CouchSurfing thread is here, including a couple people who have stayed at AFT houses.


The Other Side

I had an experience last weekend that gave me perspective on a lot of peoples' fear of hitchhikers.

Yes we were stupid. It was a dark, rainy night on a coastal highway (HW-1 in California). Our headlights flew past a figure on the side of the road. We only saw him for a split second - just enough to see him gesturing frantically with his thumb.

One day I will go to Malmo

"I usually don't pick up hitchhikers. But you don't look like the usual hippie... "

The 40-something man opens the door of the fancy car he drives to make an impression on his clients.
I'm in. comfortably sitting in the rear. with my shoulders finally relying on something smoother than a rock.

It was fun to sleep for few days in a tent under zero degrees and winking stars fighting to be brighter than the orange moon. Listening to the birds talking to each other the whole night.