Can't start early enough

If you ain't doing it with pleasure, why clean?

Can't start early enough

Can't start early enough

Bibi on the Road

Yo. That was fun. Baby's on the road. Coming for a visit. Great playing. Not even fighting. There were enough cars to play with :-)

Read the story and more bibi adverntures on the road at

As if nothing changed ...

Well... we got a new couch, but life is just as insane with one small child as with a whole bunch of travelers. Kitten is o.k. with it though.

Novi Look

Novi Look

New Give Away Shop Goodies

Surprises, I love 'em! Just in front of the casa we now have a give away shop! I was contacted by Olga, who lived with Heather whilst in London, telling me she is just opening a give-away-shop in the building in front of the casa.

Eat this Mozart!

At 5 months Novi already starts rocking out the casa.

Hello, I am new here!

Hello! My name is Novi Tatewari and wow! what an amazing adventure this is! The conception was great, but birth was even better, on the 10th of August at 2.55am - almost a week from now.

And I can tell you, this is so much fun! There is so many things to listen to and to feel - and wow, the milk is really as great as they told me.

Overall I am a pretty chilled boy. I love being awake some hours a day and to be cuddled or rocked. But of course I totally dig sleeping and dreaming. I also like to stretch and to use all of my muscles.