Simon's Summer retreat

Starting today, the 1st of june, untill the end of july i will be a retreatent in my home, at the oudezijds voorburgwal 6. Because i want to show myself that it is possible to live attentively, relaxed and happy life in the city. Feel free to join me every evening but sunday at 19:30 to meditate together, because with your support and togetherness this is possible!


The documentary G(F)ood Samaritans that are rescuing food from dumpsters in The Netherlands.

A documentary made by Eva Delincakova, already back in October last year. It was a fun, but as I wasn't really happy how I look in the video I held it back for a while ;-)

Spot the kitten!

Benefiting From Waste-Based-Society

Last Thursday we took a young journalist from an Amsterdam based newspaper out on a diving tour. It was great fun. But unfortunately she missed the Crème de la Crème and didn't stay for the open dinner.

Find a rough translation of the piece below, and there is also a full-resolution version in Dutch. I will leave the content of article uncommented (I love the way this articles portrays a young journalist mind) but please share your comments or impressions, as I am sure you will have some.

three-four guys who need a place to stay

Going to amsterdam to meet our loved. Unifying a tribe of monkeys saving the earth.

A place from the 22nd til the 26th of september.

Smiles from heart to the head with eyes shining the light of now or never, forever.

Short notice, I know


I'm arriving in Amsterdam tomorrow afternoon (25th July) and was wondering if there's any chance I can stay for a few days while I'm in Amsterdam as I'd love to be introduced to the lifestyle that the Casa seems to support.

Eviction squat Schijnheilig

Today "Schijnheilig", a squat and beautiful culture centre got evicted. The police arrested an incredible amount of people, it was crazy.

Read a story here - it's in dutch:

For photos:[email protected]/sets/72157627121624352/show/

Surfing on Abundance

Two months ago already a journalist approached me in response to the dumpster dive tour we organised in Den Haag in March. He was working on an article on freeganism and was looking for some people who could help him out.

traveling clothes

dear casa tribe

i stayed at the house in march and left some clothes behind. it is two or three dresses, leggings, and a pullover or so. i think robin will know where they ended up. please don't ask how that happened, and if you want to know just meet me :-)

now i will be home in berlin in a couple of weeks and i am not sure when and if i will come back to amsterdam. if there is someone who will go to berlin could you please give that being the clothes to take them along? i will fetch them up anywhere in the city.

The hitchhiker dislikers

It's interesting to observe people who don't want to take hitchhikers. Maybe they think I'm dangerous (do I really look scary..?) and dirty. Or maybe it's just very lovely to have some empty seats in your car to look at. I don't own a car, I don't have a clue.