Eviction squat Schijnheilig

Today "Schijnheilig", a squat and beautiful culture centre got evicted. The police arrested an incredible amount of people, it was crazy.

Read a story here - it's in dutch: http://freedam.tumblr.com

For photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/64913380@N08/sets/72157627121624352/show/

Australian trash

Greetings from Melbourne.
I’m staying at an amazing little squat and the kidz here are very much into dumpster diving.
We went out for multiple diving yesterday and I thought it’s an interesting piece of info to share (I also told them about trashwiki and maybe they can pour some relevant information in).
First dumpster diving was the market. Very similar to Amsterdam – tons of fruit and veg.
Second diving was in a bakery, baguettes, loafs of bread.
Final diving was at the big supermarket chains, we stopped by several of them and this was the most interesting one.

Bristol activism

We made it. I have never been more active. Squatted an old church with 3 others, a mate and I figured out how to get in. We did it. Now the hard part setting up a social center. Based on the ideas of sharing and activism with in the community and hopefully reach out to other communities. We have a long road ahead of us, but I will keep the update going.