Australian trash

Greetings from Melbourne.
I’m staying at an amazing little squat and the kidz here are very much into dumpster diving.
We went out for multiple diving yesterday and I thought it’s an interesting piece of info to share (I also told them about trashwiki and maybe they can pour some relevant information in).
First dumpster diving was the market. Very similar to Amsterdam – tons of fruit and veg.
Second diving was in a bakery, baguettes, loafs of bread.
Final diving was at the big supermarket chains, we stopped by several of them and this was the most interesting one.

Hitch for global cooling in Finland

Feeling sort of guilty about a recent trip up north, shamelessly flying around like there's no worry of tomorrow. I guess that's just the house affecting me a little bit with ideology and all the casa-connected hitch-hikers awe-strucking my old comfort-craving bones.

Just some examples:
* Slovenia - Amsterdam: 2 days (Aris & Urshka)
* Estonia - Amsterdam: 4 days? (Kadri)
* Morocco Marrakech - Amsterdam: 3 days? 3.5 days(Amylin)
* Amsterdam - Avignon: 11h? 13h30 (Lena)



Smoking Apples

Nice dinner, good people, random phone-calls and great inspiration for future projects. Even Erga was present, although from very far away, and I finally managed to clean the desk.

Guaka playing guitar, and even a Scarum mix music, sharing stories on dumpster diving, a Crew Change Guide and our first hitchhiking experiences. I love these evenings. Wet girls, jumping Kasper in a pink mini-skirt, or.. how to make a smoking-pipe out of an apple?