Hitch for global cooling in Finland

Feeling sort of guilty about a recent trip up north, shamelessly flying around like there's no worry of tomorrow. I guess that's just the house affecting me a little bit with ideology and all the casa-connected hitch-hikers awe-strucking my old comfort-craving bones.

Just some examples:
* Slovenia - Amsterdam: 2 days (Aris & Urshka)
* Estonia - Amsterdam: 4 days? (Kadri)
* Morocco Marrakech - Amsterdam: 3 days? 3.5 days(Amylin)
* Amsterdam - Avignon: 11h? 13h30 (Lena)

Tango Finlandia

It's the second darkest day of the year, and it really feels like it too: I haven't seen the sun at all, and the black only becomes some lighter shade of grey for some hours between 9 and 15. So to share the gloominess of tomorrow's Winter Solstice with you guys, I present Tango Finlandia (through a comment to my Flickred observation)

But it's not all bad - thanks to the younger generation we sometimes even get to hug people :-o