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Lightfoot Hitch Magic

Lightfoot Hitch Magic

Lightfoot Hitch Magic

Lightfoot Love fill-your-own

Lightfoot Love fill-your-own

Lightfoot Love

Lightfoot Love

lightfoot thingy

Hello mello,
I have a pack for Casa first from Istanbul to Hamburg then to Amsterdam.
Is there anybody who's from Hamburg moving towards Casa in December? I know it's a long notice. But I'm giving it a try.
Or if somebody hitting the road from Istanbul to Casa, maybe?
Hugs, mugs

Lightfoot Boxes in the Bay Area

Howdy folks,

So there are more lightfoot boxes popping up every day! A new one was set up in Palo Alto, California, at the Ithaka community house, where Bobby lives... and recently one in Berkeley, at another community house. Here's some pictures of my friend Guisepi and I making the box for Berkeley out of a shopping basket - just what we found on the street.

Love to you!

New Lightfoot Box!

Yay! Guess what kids? A new lightfoot box!

Mother Fools Coffee House
1101 Williamson Street
Madison, WI

And it's beautiful and in the perfect place! Mother Fools is a vegan coffee house that Charlie has been telling me about for years... and the owner John is a super sweety and REALLY excited about the idea. I'll post a photo soon!

Lots of letters are already being written and popped in! It's all happening! Yay Madison box!

Love to you all!


Serbia Contacts / Denver, Colorado,

Greets casa world,

Does anyone have contacts for Serbia (Belgrade)?
Wanderin' these roads up to Denmark for the strawberry harvest season, but would be marvelous to stop in these lands I've only passed through previously, that I've read and revered so much in books.
Starting out tomorrow (thursday) from Sofia via thumb power so any early contact details would be very much appreciated.

Lightfoot deputy badge

Just a badge template if you want to use it. Show THIS to a driver when you're hitchhiking...

Hooray lightfoot!

Lightfoot succeeds! (with a little help from I received 3 offers within the first week or two to take my camera back to Amsterdam, where I'll meet it in April. Thanks all!


Shameless Begging:

Are you going from Berlin to Amsterdam sometime before May?

If you are, could you pick up a camera I left there in Berlin and take it with you to AMS? e-mail me for more details.

~George J.
[email protected]