Serbia Contacts / Denver, Colorado,

Greets casa world,

Does anyone have contacts for Serbia (Belgrade)?
Wanderin' these roads up to Denmark for the strawberry harvest season, but would be marvelous to stop in these lands I've only passed through previously, that I've read and revered so much in books.
Starting out tomorrow (thursday) from Sofia via thumb power so any early contact details would be very much appreciated.

Also, a dear friend is perhaps moving to Denver, Colorado for two months. Does anyone know any collectives, shared communal housing or small attics she could stay in for low rent and enriching experience? Any contacts at all out there?

Merci merci merci (in both bulgarian and romanian),


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Ah pawl, thanks for contacts,

Ah pawl, thanks for contacts, much much much appreciated.

Amylin, phil is in Iraq..
Anyone else have contacts in Belgrade? Have a place 'til tomorrow out of the city but could do with resting up a coupla more days until I make the next big trip up to Swiss lands..

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CO hospitality

I used to live at Masala.
Drop them a line see if you can work out a deal... tell them tallpawl recommended them.
They have nice couches, maybe even a spare room, good vegetarian or vegan meals 5 times a week.
I'm heading back there for 2 weeks, $5/night. Pretty good deal.
There's also Chrysalis:
Probably get the same deal.

They are both in Boulder, which is about 20 miles/30-45 minute bus ride from Denver.

good luck.

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phil in belgrade (check my cs

phil in belgrade (check my cs profile)