A shared experience

Recently we made a documentary about nomad bases. With the focus being in Berlin! And then we made a website to contain it as well, so you can share that!

Stranded sick in Montpellier...

Hey Casaists.. Maybe one of you well-travelled people has some suggestions to help me with my problem. I have been travelling non-stop for way too long now, and kind of made a slightly stupid choice to tour with yet another band. So I left my van (also my home, I live in it) between Hamburg and Kiel, in Germany, in a village in the middle of nowhere with pretty much non-existent transportation links, and picked up the band with another van and ended up in La Spezia, Italy. I got really sick in La Spezia, all the tiredness of never giving myself any rest came out all of a sudden.

Base in Berlin?

Hello dear Casa friends!

Does anyone of you know or have a nomad base/place/couch for me and 1 friend, for 2 or a few more nights in Berlin this weekend? (hh' ing on friday or saturday)

Lots of love from utrecht


traveling clothes

dear casa tribe

i stayed at the house in march and left some clothes behind. it is two or three dresses, leggings, and a pullover or so. i think robin will know where they ended up. please don't ask how that happened, and if you want to know just meet me :-)

now i will be home in berlin in a couple of weeks and i am not sure when and if i will come back to amsterdam. if there is someone who will go to berlin could you please give that being the clothes to take them along? i will fetch them up anywhere in the city.

Live in Berlin

Hello everybody! :)

I just moved to Berlin to study there and I'm looking for a place to stay. In fact, I'm not just looking for a place to stay. Last year I lived in a shared flat but I realized that I was looking for a kind of "school of life". I want to learn from and with people, participate in projects, be creative, use my imagination and not just by cooking.

I don't really know how to do to find a place like that in Berlin. I tried to contact some squats but the squats I found on internet are the most famous and a lot of people are waiting to get a place in it.

we saw them pee

The Berlin crowd made cardboard film gear 2 weeks ago and interviewed peeing people all over the Roskilde Festival with it. Now I'm glad to present the video of what happened that is a prove of a self organised and radically spontanious art project. We can make things!!!!

Road Junky Film Festival

We finished this flyer yesterday and here it is for you to see first. This is not a way of promotion, I felt happy of how much content we managed to fit in 2 days and much could be of your interest :)
If it all works out we will be streamming the whole event online.

I have already ordered the prints for the photo exhibition and I'm praying to all gods I know for them to arrive on time to Berlin.

All of you who plan to come, I'm looking forward to see you.
My little secret is that, for me, the less ppl coming to the festival, be less work I will have :)

Meeting up in Berlin

Meeting up in Berlin

Ah, that was great fun and learning moment to meet up with Owen. Missed him many times here in Berlin but with time we managed. We shared some good hours talking about past-events, how things move us, and the differences between Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Next time anyone comes to Berlin, make sure to get in touch with him. He's supposed to have a great place waiting for ye.

walking through air

She-Berlin, two weeks of discussions, brainstorming, work, joy, play and fun. A selection of photos that I took during the events.

How things are moving in Berlin

Things are happening!

We have two beautiful locations, lots of people around and many great conversations, discussions, brainstorms and other social events are taking place the whole time. Weird to see some people still have to make their way here! How can you wait?

Things done so far include brainstorming about legal stuff for nomadbase (social contract for example) and ad-hoc brainstorming and also an action plan for lightfoot.