A physical address for rent / mail forwarding

Mail Forwarding
This USA RV club offers a physical address to travelers, and, while a bit expensive (~$100 US/year), they will even read your mail to you over the phone, but only to its RV club members in the USA.
Do you know of any other places that offer a physical address? Other than Casa Robino :) ?

How things are moving in Berlin

Things are happening!

We have two beautiful locations, lots of people around and many great conversations, discussions, brainstorms and other social events are taking place the whole time. Weird to see some people still have to make their way here! How can you wait?

Things done so far include brainstorming about legal stuff for nomadbase (social contract for example) and ad-hoc brainstorming and also an action plan for lightfoot.

Unorganising continues: nomadbase conference Berlin

Preparations are ongoing for the nomad conference in Berlin. We currently have many platforms to communicate with each other though: I guess we like to confuse people... ;)

Work is currently being done on organising spaces in Berlin, coordinating people and ideas, website development and some other small things.

Check for the latest the wiki that we are using (for the moment) as a central place to bring together information. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share. Also, be aware of the new mailing list we have.

On the way to Odessa... and further on

Sooner that I could realize, the road caught us, flexible and free like a cat.
Its yellow eyes blinking and silently smiling followed us, meanwhile we where following the flow of the events.