There will be Nomads @ Nomadic Futures?

Hello Casa People,

from May 27th - September 4th 2010 an event on NOMADIC FUTURES will take place in Geslenkirchen and artists, technologists, performers, gonzo engineers, (tech)nomads, hacktivists, squatters, designers, architects, makers, videographers, writers, historians and more are invited to submit proposals for projects, events, or workshops.

A physical address for rent / mail forwarding

Mail Forwarding
This USA RV club offers a physical address to travelers, and, while a bit expensive (~$100 US/year), they will even read your mail to you over the phone, but only to its RV club members in the USA.
Do you know of any other places that offer a physical address? Other than Casa Robino :) ?

Living With Zero Money, Abundantly

(From Living without Money)

I know it is possible to live with zero money, abundantly

How? Because it's happening to me, just as it's happening to ants and deer and slugs and sparrows and bacteria and atoms and galaxies. Because it's happening to the whole, infinite universe outside our teeny tiny itty bitty Babylon we call civilization (which we think is the whole universe).