There will be Nomads @ Nomadic Futures?

Hello Casa People,

from May 27th - September 4th 2010 an event on NOMADIC FUTURES will take place in Geslenkirchen and artists, technologists, performers, gonzo engineers, (tech)nomads, hacktivists, squatters, designers, architects, makers, videographers, writers, historians and more are invited to submit proposals for projects, events, or workshops.

Setting up a massage network

At least one idea a day shouldn't be that hard if there is more than one person around, so when Amylin came back from giving Thai Massage (see her ad), we came up with the idea of setting up a network for traveling massage-therapists and to connect these with a kind of fixed customer base. It could even go further than just one locality, and even further than just one skill but massage-therapy in Amsterdam seems to be a viable way for starting off.