There will be Nomads @ Nomadic Futures?

Hello Casa People,

from May 27th - September 4th 2010 an event on NOMADIC FUTURES will take place in Geslenkirchen and artists, technologists, performers, gonzo engineers, (tech)nomads, hacktivists, squatters, designers, architects, makers, videographers, writers, historians and more are invited to submit proposals for projects, events, or workshops.

It aims to bring together diverse perspectives on:How can we protect and learn from existing nomadic cultures? How can we build new societies of dignified transience? The NOMADIC FUTURES series hopes to examine the potential for future modes of nomadic living.

See more info at

Well, I'm planning to submit a proposal to do a Bread-Time Stories performance there, possibly in June.

I'm sharing this because I would love to see Casa-people involved in the event and to share the experience with you.

I'm also planning to hitchhike from Rome to Berlin at the end of May (around the 25th) to participate to the Road Junky Travel Film Festival Tau is organizing the photographic exhibition there: watch the pics that have been submitted so far

Is anybody coming down to Rome to hitchhike to Berlin with me? Anybody you know doing that journey in May? Are you planning to come to the Road Junky and do you wanna come with me at the Nomadic Future Festival? Is really the number 42 the answer to the most important question of life? Do you like cherry tomatoes?

Tell what you think!
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