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We found kitten! ...

You all know how hard it used to be to leave the casa.. but even us, we finally managed! After two years of not leaving the house to travel, we finally left with baby and all to Mexico. Here we are for at least half a year.

Much to our surprise though we met up with kitten just today. We went to see a friend in their house here in San Cristobal de las Casas and there she was! In full glory, kitten's much less evil twin sister.. haha.

Peru! (and Chile?)

Casa casa!

I'm headed to Peru! And maybe Chile. Do you know anyone in Peru or Chile who would be wonderful to meet?

Through Saturday, I can be reached at (+1) 760 822 9880

After that, I'm at gjemmott at gmail.

Miss you all!
(that's very possibly more than <3)

Portal sailing out...

Oh wow! They actually are sailing! I can't believe that Charlie and Lily are sailing off from the United States and are headed for Australia. Lily wrote a little bit about it on her blog. And there is this video as well. Happy voyage you two!


hey guys, how can I join you? I'm going to hitchhike through Latvia, Poland, Czech, Germany and Netherlands. Is it possible to stay in Casa for a some days before my way back?

Back for a bit... And everything is just fine

I am absolutely stunned. There are moments I stimply can't believe that I have been “doing” this Casa experience for more than three years now. Where is this leading to, I ask myself regularly. Are we "there" already, or what are the other directions that haven't been followed yet? Is this going to close one day or are we simply moving further?

greetings from granada, nicaragua

greetings from granada, nicaragua

dear casa

i found this mural at a lovely hostel in granada. it make me think of you and gave me a warm ticklish feeling allover: crazy monkeys sharing a single bike :-)

may the love be with you


Academy of Free Travel

The Academy of Free Travel (AFT) sounds vaguely Casa-esque, but more temporary and exclusively for hitchhikers. Apparently they have set up hitchhiker houses (in the past) in 3 Russian cities, Kyrgistan, Tajikistan, and Egypt. I hear the next one is to be in Tbilisi, Georgia. An English AFT page is here, with links to other pages in Russian, and a CouchSurfing thread is here, including a couple people who have stayed at AFT houses.



An idea in my mind for 3 years : building up a wooden raft, rafting down the Danube from source to delta.
Well this morning I woke up willing to make this idea concrete. Each year at first buds, first rays of sun, East and Balkans are calling me deep inside, and I find myself each time following the meandering river, dreaming : what if i followed it to the end?
But it just sounds senseless alone. I'm a lonesome walker, biker, dreamer, but I want to be a social sailer! Yep.

hitchhiking a boat across an ocean

We arrived in Gibraltar after most of the boats had already left for the Canaries. I'd been hitchhiking back and forth the Western Europe - Istanbul route several times before I could possibly think of setting foot at sea. So, we wound up here in mid-November, unaware of the weather that would be underway (which is to say: "the worst weather possible"). We spent several weeks here, like a small handful of the boats- stranded- camping in an undersized tent in some polluted beachside ruins of an economically-depressed town through some of the worst storms I've ever weathered.