back to my island

Hi everybody, I arrived yesterday in green Ireland, surprisingly the sun is shinning. I miss yet casarobino, it has been a great moment there in Amsterdam. Magic city and people. The idea of a garden on the roof sounds really interesting. Don't forget to take pictures;) .

Merci à tous.

See you someday, somewhere here or there.


still here

so I am still here
So I lost the somewhat more elaborate post explaining my continuation to reside in casarobino: In short, I did not trust that I would make it back in time to get my flight to cairo, so I stuck around. I will be heading down to Den haag for the day monday and returning to casarobino to stay before my flight on wednesday. Assuming I don't get lost HHing in the Netherlands.
Which is likely, given my current luck.

arriving at Casa Robino with 2 Danes

Grace here, the new arrival, on why I arrived with 2 Danes.

It's a short story really. I tried to get here by 7pm but ended up having a longer hike than I expected. On my final leg of the trip I got a ride with 2 Danes who had also never been to Amsterdam before. We got a bit lost and arrived around 10pm, got to the house around 11pm. They were trying to find a hostel so I enlisted the help ofthe house wifi and Amylin. Couldnt find suitable accomodation so they slept in the house and left in the morning.

Hi everyone. Happy to be here.

putting things into place in Barcelona

Trying hard not to work too much while working 'hard'. Every time off is time to enjoy as much as possible. This morning been for a stroll on the ramblas because we needed a new headset. That was my call for a coffee and a great inspiring walk for my (analogue) camera. Hotel-room has a yakuzi, and the sun shines really good. I thought that I was going to miss casarobino and the people that live here for now - I do, but it is good to be back here also :)

I actually missed him while he was making a salto

Looking into the future

Looking into the future

So great to just catch Yaniv in his final week here before commencing his trip through the Americas...

On the road again...

I am heading to Casa Robino as I type this, using a mobile satellite-based internet connection from inside a camion, on the auto-route A 39 NORD, direction NANCY.

More to come (video) about this trip (hitchhiking from Porto to Amsterdam) soon.


Mark & James on a joint trip

How cool is that! Mark decided to extend his trip and to not go back home to Australia for his job, came to Amsterdam instead, stayed for a week and met up with James, also from Australia, who had been at the house before for 10 days but had to come back to pick up his laptop and some other stuff. And now these two guys, with an age difference of 12 years are going to hitchhike together from Central Europe "thru the austrian/french alps, & then towards spain, where we will visit some hippy communes & hopefully swim in the ocean again (link). " Just brilliant.