more magical than usual

Sitting outside a petrol station 60km from Verona, 30km after Trieste, at 530am. Hitching today was crazy. How does it happen that people and events just bring you to places that you never thought of arriving before?

I was picked up by a Dutch guy just before Nuerenberg and 9 hours later we are here in Italy, just 250 km away from my end-destination, but through a totally different route than planned before? And without the planned stop-over in Munich, the city we passed, the city I was unable to enter.

Populatechnolog and Decree.

It was the Wright brothers, those enterprising Ohio bike dudes of history, that discovered a way to keep airplanes in flight. They believed that flight technology would make wars of attrition obsolete - a noble scientific aim. But the inventor of dynamite, the inventor of the machine gun; they too believed the same thing of their own never-before-seen technological accomplishments. High hopes for the cutting-edge geniuses of our progress-hungry society.

we always need new hosts

After some days of casa-rest (with just Robino and Amylin here most of the time), the house has received some new hosts again. Since yesterday and today we have Mathieu, Lousia, Capers and Charlie here, who both arrived with wonderful stories, including Capers fund-raising and building a school in Kenya & Charlie biking around the world.

"i am never just in one place at a time"

i arrived very early this morning in porto, in a mere 6 rides, which is half of the amount that it took from amsterdam to grenoble.
during the day, all of the rides spoke only french, except for two, whom also spoke some moroccan arabic :)

on the second to last petrol station in france, i found a portuguese guy who was driving straight to porto. he was speaking to the servicemen in french, so i approached him french... we spoke for a little while, and he said he would be going in the direction of spain. he looked very spanish, so i decided to go ahead and ask:

Sorry for not hugging you all goodbye.

On the morning we left, you were all sleeping so angelically. And that is rare.
Sierra and I didn't want to disturb that, ESPecially because you were all so cute whilst living outside of your cherubic bodies, so we stood there quietly for a few minutes and watched you all. This may seem a little creepy, its probable that it is, but just know that you were loved before we went, and we didn't need to wake you up, cause we already knew that the feeling was mutual.

I left a piece of my heart in amsterdam.

Guess what? I missed my plane

(10:11:58 PM) Dezatron: guess what? I missed my plane, looking at my options and considering hitching to London, anyone got any suggestions?
(10:18:20 PM) Dezatron left the room (quit:).
(11/26/2008 01:38:23 AM) anx entered the room.
(01:39:31 AM) anx: hello there
(01:39:39 AM) anx: is the casa still awake?
(01:45:21 AM) anx left the room (quit:).

open diary of mine,warning: not censured

its gonna be hard winter and Aris is going to the south to deal with french keyboards which she hates so much.


Anything is possible

After nearly four days straight on the road (and sea) from Marrakech, Morocco, I have successfully hitchhiked back to the Casa in Amsterdam.

My route:

Wednesday-- Left Marrakech in the afternoon, wound up getting stuck in Rabat by night, spontaneously hosted by a boy I met in the streets in the Ville Nouvelle, who wound up living in a "very modest" but very kind little cement block home in Salé AND, coincidentally, being a mutual friend of my friend Mounir, from Marrakech.

Hitching to Nijmegen

Hitching to Nijmegen

Kadri hitching to Nijmegen


I shall soon be returning to the Netherlands, and will be returning to Casa Inshallah. My first priority is to visit a friend in Den Haag, but due to some uncertainty, I plan head on over to Amsterdam before trying to get down there (and sleep on the streets). Hopefully someone will be home during the afternoon on the 15th? If not, kick the guy whom will be sleeping by the door so he wakes up and gets out of the rain!

See y'all soon.