new york city

I'd offer fusion (Italian+Chinese) food for a sleeping surface.

Finally arriving in Amsterdam last night in one piece. Found a super lovely host deep in the west hood, but she's leaving on Sunday, so I'll be out on the street July 31 - Aug 1: 2 nights. The second host just told me he's stuck in Paris and won't be back in time to open the door. Oh the door to a warm, dry, safe shelter...

What could happen? Worst come to worst I can see if the boathouse people would take me in? :\

But here's a thought. I'd really love to do something for the casa in exchange of your stories. I can cook a kick ass risotto, you know?


I can find you in the Red Hook skylines,
in the subway of Bedford Ave,
in the roads near MoMa,
in the street art and in the art of the streets,
in the Chinatown I haven't see,
in the bed of the Snoopy Gang,
in the eyes of people I meet because of you.

You are here, and Casa teaches.
I remember to myself what I was there.
Like a cloud, like a cloud I get my shape.

I take you around my nest,
like birds we laugh and move,
with control of the not-control,
the magic awareness of thoughtless minds guides us.

The madness of the crazy streets
blasts us and make us sick

Sorry for not hugging you all goodbye.

On the morning we left, you were all sleeping so angelically. And that is rare.
Sierra and I didn't want to disturb that, ESPecially because you were all so cute whilst living outside of your cherubic bodies, so we stood there quietly for a few minutes and watched you all. This may seem a little creepy, its probable that it is, but just know that you were loved before we went, and we didn't need to wake you up, cause we already knew that the feeling was mutual.

I left a piece of my heart in amsterdam.