CS goes HC

Yesterday I discovered that C$ in it's glory has deleted my profile without notifying me.

couchsurfing goes for profit - go go bewelcome!

Couch$urfing is now finally a for profit corporation. I'm not going to dwell too much on this (if you are interested in dwelling check and join the inside rebellion). Here are a couple of positive steps for direct action:

  1. create a profile at BeWelcome
  2. change your CS profile pic to e.g. the picture of this post
  3. change your C$ mission into something funny

I'd offer fusion (Italian+Chinese) food for a sleeping surface.

Finally arriving in Amsterdam last night in one piece. Found a super lovely host deep in the west hood, but she's leaving on Sunday, so I'll be out on the street July 31 - Aug 1: 2 nights. The second host just told me he's stuck in Paris and won't be back in time to open the door. Oh the door to a warm, dry, safe shelter...

What could happen? Worst come to worst I can see if the boathouse people would take me in? :\

But here's a thought. I'd really love to do something for the casa in exchange of your stories. I can cook a kick ass risotto, you know?

I went the wrong way, so I took a U-turn and ended up here...

So, this afternoon whil planning out my next few weeks I decided to stop over in Ljubljana on my way to Slovakia. So reflexlivly I opened up Half way through my first couch request I said, 'Wait, what am I doing?!'. So I e-mailed Robin, then he said, 'Wait, what are you doing?!'. So here I ended up.

Does anybody know of anybody with whom I could stay for a few days in Ljubljana, it would around the 26 of november, just for one or two nights!


Cheap Viagra! Cheap Viagra! Cheap Viagra!


I have written a sort of gonzo report on two hospex events, and I have published it on my website. You are invited to go and read it.

Berlin Beach Camp

Vienna Calling (CS)

Ok. I'm done...

Thank you!

We would love to thank you all for letting us film la casa, the open dinner and all of you who participated in it last week Thursday!
For those who were wondering why there was a camera running but left without a clue: we are making films about alternative ways of traveling via online hospitality communities around the world. Kicking the Amsterdam episode off by visiting Casa Robino.
We could not have wished for a more warm and welcome start.
Thank you Robin and all others in the casa!

New repression statistics

The self-declared state "Casarobino" has just jumped from the 149th to the 13th place in the scale of human rights (Human Right Watch tm) after the total censorship of the hospitality exchange website It is now impossible for a citizen, a resident or a visitor of Casarobino to access the website from within the territory of the state. Our correspondant from Casarobino informs us that there is no concern whatsoever between the citizens of the state, and that the local medias did not emphasize the event.