I'd offer fusion (Italian+Chinese) food for a sleeping surface.

Finally arriving in Amsterdam last night in one piece. Found a super lovely host deep in the west hood, but she's leaving on Sunday, so I'll be out on the street July 31 - Aug 1: 2 nights. The second host just told me he's stuck in Paris and won't be back in time to open the door. Oh the door to a warm, dry, safe shelter...

What could happen? Worst come to worst I can see if the boathouse people would take me in? :\

But here's a thought. I'd really love to do something for the casa in exchange of your stories. I can cook a kick ass risotto, you know?

My trip, so far

Maybe someone remembers a crasy chef passing by the house about 40 days or so ago.
My trip has taken me thru all over Europe, hitting the transmanchurian railway down to Beijing and at this moment Im in southern China in a town called Guilin.
Its a very touristy place, but tomorrow Im going out to the rural areas to see if its possible to pick some rice.

Hello Casa

Hello Casa,
What have you been up to?

I have some time with no specific plans in the next 10 days, before my flight to China. So I thought of heading back to Amsterdam for 3 days or so, to visit you and see how everyone and everything is doing back in the Casa. If it's not too crowded at the moment...

What say you?

PS - This is of course only a code for "I really just want to come back in order to play with the kitten"