My trip, so far

Maybe someone remembers a crasy chef passing by the house about 40 days or so ago.
My trip has taken me thru all over Europe, hitting the transmanchurian railway down to Beijing and at this moment Im in southern China in a town called Guilin.
Its a very touristy place, but tomorrow Im going out to the rural areas to see if its possible to pick some rice.

So trains in europe, trains n russia, trains in china. Its been one hell of a ride and still im not done yet. Hopijng to hit Laos in 14 days and then bum arond there for about 14 days, then into Thailand to celebrate Christmas and New Year, probably alone, on a beach.

I only had one favorit city, except from amsterdam, in europe and that was Vienna. How beautiful isnt that city?!!!

Well time flies like and arrow and fruit like a banana and soon it will be spring again.
Maybe to check back at the casa and see how its hanging.

Untill then, tata!


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Guilin has a lot of mosquitos! Even around this time of year!