48 hours

I'd offer fusion (Italian+Chinese) food for a sleeping surface.

Finally arriving in Amsterdam last night in one piece. Found a super lovely host deep in the west hood, but she's leaving on Sunday, so I'll be out on the street July 31 - Aug 1: 2 nights. The second host just told me he's stuck in Paris and won't be back in time to open the door. Oh the door to a warm, dry, safe shelter...

What could happen? Worst come to worst I can see if the boathouse people would take me in? :\

But here's a thought. I'd really love to do something for the casa in exchange of your stories. I can cook a kick ass risotto, you know?

Look who is back!

"There is someone at the door, I don't know who but apparantly she knows where she is getting into... she was saying hello in a really crazy way..."

48 hours of hitchiking, all the way from Istanbul (2700km) and she looks highly fresh... Amylin, welcome home!