A shared experience

Recently we made a documentary about nomad bases. With the focus being in Berlin! And then we made a website to contain it as well, so you can share that!

Pussy Riot

Just before election-time in Russia, the girrrls from the punk band pussy riot enter the most famous church of Russia, setting up a show to protest against the connection between the church and the current democracy show-master Putin. In jail now, they really need some solidarity.


The documentary G(F)ood Samaritans that are rescuing food from dumpsters in The Netherlands.

A documentary made by Eva Delincakova, already back in October last year. It was a fun, but as I wasn't really happy how I look in the video I held it back for a while ;-)

Spot the kitten!

Open Source Creativity - Hackerspaces

Public spaces are emerging where people congregate to share ideas, make cool projects, teach, and brainstorm with collaborators on everything from coding to cooking. With no leaders, they have one rule: "Be excellent to each other." Take a tour of the hackerspace Noisebridge, in San Francisco.

Thank you!

We would love to thank you all for letting us film la casa, the open dinner and all of you who participated in it last week Thursday!
For those who were wondering why there was a camera running but left without a clue: we are making films about alternative ways of traveling via online hospitality communities around the world. Kicking the Amsterdam episode off by visiting Casa Robino.
We could not have wished for a more warm and welcome start.
Thank you Robin and all others in the casa!

what is a hobo?

A video made by Lili about hobo life in Australia, while she was traveling through Australia with her van. Lili is now in Amsterdam and Leiden, making a new video on Dumpster Diving. She is planning to boat-hitch to the US in a couple of months. What is a hobo?