Life happens when you make no plans

The spaceship called Terra Mar that took us allowed me some time to connect to the internet, while Valentina is having her second lesson in surfing waves.

So I made it to 'Somewhere in Portugal' on the 6th of August, at exactly the right time. But life took me by surprise and my somewhere was somewhere else than the official 6-8-10 hitchgathering. There wasn't anything I could have done about that. Things are the way they are.

Random Routes along the North coast of Spain

I heard many people are already in Lisbon, while others are still on the road. But I have been hitching the whole day.

I started before sunrise, with the thumb and sometimes a sign. No petrol station were taken. It was wonderful. The first tumbs up in the morning was a direct hit. Another two times I had to wait an hour or more. But who cares when you have time, and you get your photo taken by a police-officer?

6.8.10 Artwork

Artwork created for 6.8.10, Acrylic on cardboard

6.8.10 Artwork

6.8.10 Artwork

Artwork for 6.8.10, Acrylic on Cardboard.

Hitchgathering 2010

Last year we were with just over a hundred. The year before with even more, but the destination was easier and we had done more promotion. This year should become a blast. But where do we want to meet and why? After Paris and Odesa where is next?

What are our main aims with yet the third European Hitchhiking Gathering? Do we want to get hundreds of people on the road or do we want to go to a place where there are already many hitchhikers? We want center of Europe, South or East?