Hitchgathering 2010

Last year we were with just over a hundred. The year before with even more, but the destination was easier and we had done more promotion. This year should become a blast. But where do we want to meet and why? After Paris and Odesa where is next?

What are our main aims with yet the third European Hitchhiking Gathering? Do we want to get hundreds of people on the road or do we want to go to a place where there are already many hitchhikers? We want center of Europe, South or East?

To discuss these things, to possibly even decide on a location and what else, we are meeting in the weekend of 13-14 of March in Berlin.

Check http://hitchgathering.org & http://hitchwiki.org/en/6810


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if it is in Amsterdam's vicinity (and provided I am still living in Amsterdam ;)), like Gent or Münster, then I will come cycling. in one go. at least until I fall from my bike. brrr, am I sure that I want to do this ;)

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how is this decided? anywhere

how is this decided? anywhere specific we can vote?
i just hope it`s during the summer..
as for the place..how about somewhere with a majority of upper class/rich people(monte carlo, maybe?) to throw their world off balance for a bit..

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consensual voting for the destination

hey yeah, vote here: http://hitchgathering.org/location-2010

And you're free to add your suggestion :)