Thank you!

We would love to thank you all for letting us film la casa, the open dinner and all of you who participated in it last week Thursday!
For those who were wondering why there was a camera running but left without a clue: we are making films about alternative ways of traveling via online hospitality communities around the world. Kicking the Amsterdam episode off by visiting Casa Robino.
We could not have wished for a more warm and welcome start.
Thank you Robin and all others in the casa!

Oh and if you're interested in seeing the result: check The first movies will be online shortly.

And feel free to drop us a line in case you have any questions, ideas or just to say hi.

Offer, Michiel & Angélique


robino's picture

great fun

oh yeah - we had great fun and I was heavenly surprised by the wonderful meal Offer had cooked. It had just the right amount of ginger. Would love to read the recipee ;)

Also, it was great how you yourselves fully participated in everything, from dumpstering to discussions, helping to make some t-shirts and cooking.

Finally, thanks for the card you left us and the nice note in the casabook :)

All the best with the future travels and filming!