CS goes HC

Yesterday I discovered that C$ in it's glory has deleted my profile without notifying me.

good karma

As some of you know I was planing to hitch Casa-Praha-Budapest-Istanbul but then I got a miracle ticket (hello Shaun :) from Vienna to Budapest. A friend from Berlin texted me that I could get it at the morning of my departure from the casa - and she even started working in Amsterdam at Monday so it was only 10min away with Isolator!

Who's going to the Antwerpen BeWelcome Collective?

I wonder who's going to the ABC#2 in Antwerpen.
Not me, but I'm sure half of the current hosts would be interested, still I don't see them mentioned in the ABC page.

Bewelcome press-stuff done!

After the tsolife-page on Bevolunteer, I finally managed to get around creating the press-page for BeWelcome. Still some stuff to do here, but it is there at last :) I also re-opened the debate on the accessibility of the wiki, let's see how quick we can unlock it. Next thing is to work on a proposal for an alternative CS-ambassador-system.

Greetings to casa!

After that somehow complicated trip from Braunschweig to here I really enjoyed that warm welcome on Wednesday 8 pm!

The scene was great. People sitting on the carpet around an unlegged table sharing fine food and entertaining stories in candle light and smooth music. After four days beeing here I really can say - this all day life here. Thanks to all of you!