Aris, so long

"I am really happy to leave this terrible weather and go far away." -- Aris in the offline guestbook, 22nd of November.

Aris in QuiberonAris in Quiberon

Aris. We can still see her sitting on the back-porch, smiling, overwhelming everyone with her smile. Full of joy and perception. She understood the art of perceiving, of traveling; the art of hitchhiking and the art of balancing. Aris was a wonderful young girl with an amazing potential. She was very remarkable with a great sense of direction, depth, and dedication.

Bewelcome press-stuff done!

After the tsolife-page on Bevolunteer, I finally managed to get around creating the press-page for BeWelcome. Still some stuff to do here, but it is there at last :) I also re-opened the debate on the accessibility of the wiki, let's see how quick we can unlock it. Next thing is to work on a proposal for an alternative CS-ambassador-system.

Greetings to casa!

After that somehow complicated trip from Braunschweig to here I really enjoyed that warm welcome on Wednesday 8 pm!

The scene was great. People sitting on the carpet around an unlegged table sharing fine food and entertaining stories in candle light and smooth music. After four days beeing here I really can say - this all day life here. Thanks to all of you!

we want skillsurfers!

The traveling school of life is a network of travelers sharing their skills. It is as such a real social network. We just created an entry on their wiki for this house, where we list some of the ideas and projects we are working on, and what type of skill-surfers are needed here. But there is more.