rooftop gardening

This is sweet; thank you!

Hi Casa Robino,

I just wanted to post a quick note having just stumbled onto this website (and then onto your various related blogs and profiles on other sites), that you have set my heart aflutter just because of your existence! I'm moving to Amsterdam in the new year and I'm super interested *while trying to maintain optimism* about communities based on trust and reciprocity. Obviously not having seen anything in action yet, at least in theory, this all seems pretty rad (in both senses of the word.)

Urban farming

Urban farming

City in England growing their own veggies, spotted on casa field trip in snow to nearby ex-squat cafe.

Rooftop gardening

Rooftop gardening

We had some nice progress on the rooftop gardening project this week. Derick has been gathering woods for over a week now, and started constructing three dirt-boxes on our rooftop. While Anu got some useful books from the library today about urban-gardening and wind-mills, Derick finished the third box today. They are looking very awesome, and it seems that we are again one next step further in this project! And as a nice surprise we rescued four smaller boxes from the trash. Soon we'll be eating our own food.

we want skillsurfers!

The traveling school of life is a network of travelers sharing their skills. It is as such a real social network. We just created an entry on their wiki for this house, where we list some of the ideas and projects we are working on, and what type of skill-surfers are needed here. But there is more.

Five minutes of Bambi

i'm am writing to the guy who owns the dormant domain name (he also owns .net and .org). We want to steal his idea.

The first two "open source" social solutions to be listed there are:

Rooftop gardening

Why not use the space we have in and around the house for a nice garden? Soil-less gardens apparently can be very nice to grow our own food. We can use the rooftop and the balcony. What about a beanpipe, a pvc-garden on the roof, a small portable greenhouse, and so many other techniques we can use? (Search)