thank you!

This is sweet; thank you!

Hi Casa Robino,

I just wanted to post a quick note having just stumbled onto this website (and then onto your various related blogs and profiles on other sites), that you have set my heart aflutter just because of your existence! I'm moving to Amsterdam in the new year and I'm super interested *while trying to maintain optimism* about communities based on trust and reciprocity. Obviously not having seen anything in action yet, at least in theory, this all seems pretty rad (in both senses of the word.)

lightfoot all the way to KANSAS CITY!

i went with my dear friend to the post office this afternoon. above his p.o. box was taped, the love letter i wrote to him back in june . written on it-- "hand delivered by jeff and libby from new orleans, traveled through amsterdam in october" i couldn't believe my letter had been hand delivered all the way from amsterdam to little ole kansas city. it was a magical moment, and instantly brought back all the lovely memories i have from my adventure in amsterdam and the feelings i had while staying at the casa.