This is sweet; thank you!

Hi Casa Robino,

I just wanted to post a quick note having just stumbled onto this website (and then onto your various related blogs and profiles on other sites), that you have set my heart aflutter just because of your existence! I'm moving to Amsterdam in the new year and I'm super interested *while trying to maintain optimism* about communities based on trust and reciprocity. Obviously not having seen anything in action yet, at least in theory, this all seems pretty rad (in both senses of the word.)

I am making several stops before I reach Amsterdam, and on one of them I will be learning and practicing natural building and permaculture. I thought I read somewhere on the site that you are hoping to start some urban farming, rooftop gardening, etc. (unless that happened already?) Regardless, I'd love to help out with that - and anything else! - if you'd be interested, and would love to meet some new people, once I return to Amsterdam.