lightfoot all the way to KANSAS CITY!

i went with my dear friend to the post office this afternoon. above his p.o. box was taped, the love letter i wrote to him back in june . written on it-- "hand delivered by jeff and libby from new orleans, traveled through amsterdam in october" i couldn't believe my letter had been hand delivered all the way from amsterdam to little ole kansas city. it was a magical moment, and instantly brought back all the lovely memories i have from my adventure in amsterdam and the feelings i had while staying at the casa. truly a rich experience i can never forget, especially the way it swept me off my feet into such a pleasant and dreamy state of mind. thank you casa, thank you lightfoot, and thank you jeff and libby for delivering the letter. it made my day!


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it actually works!

May we meet again one day.

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wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot lightfoot! beautiful beautiful story, thanks for sharing, i have some mail to deliver once i hit mainland... can't wait :)

x lil

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sweeet story! You coming back

sweeet story! You coming back any time soon??